3 simple tips of preventive maintenance for hardwood floor

3 simple tips of preventive maintenance for hardwood floor

Cut the hardwood floor cleaning time with intelligent preventive maintenance. Place carpets both on the outside and inside of the exterior doors to decrease tracked dirt. In snowy or rainy weather, it includes a boot removal area to avoid water damage and de-icing. Avoid markings by using floor protectors under furniture and using rugs in play areas to make sure children's toys do not scratch the floor.

Basic care

floor cleaning

Accelerate the floor cleaning process by spraying the floor with a mop that has been treated with an agent to remove dust, dirt, and hair from pets that may scratch the floor surface. For weekly or bi-weekly floor cleaning, vacuum with a floor brush on a vacuum cleaner or electric broom. Do not use a vacuum cleaner with a blender bar attachment, which can scratch the finish of a wood floor. To remove dust quickly, use disposable electrostatic cloths, available at supermarkets and discount stores. Save money using both sides of disposable wipes.

Further floor cleaning

further cleaning

Soil, oil, and earth amass after some time and are not totally expelled with a week by week clean wipe. For intermittent profound cleaning (think about cleaning in the spring or just before winter break), utilize a weakened wood floor cleaning item as per the directions on the mark. Immerse a wipe or wipe in the water, at that point wring it relatively dry with the goal that it feels somewhat clammy to the touch. Vacuum the floor, taking consideration to abstain from standing water on the floor. Flush with a perfect wipe dampened