don't worry about fabric! whether your sofa is leather or fabric, that is not a problem to clean, this article will help you for keeping your furniture.

1) regular sofa cleaning

sofa cleaning

 start by vacuuming, remove all the cushion/pillow and clear apart of anything that’s fallen in between. pens, coins, remote controls, etc. whatever it may be. use your vacuum cleaner to clean the dust and surface dirt from the sofa. use the technical vacuum cleaner attachments to get inside gaps of a sofa and use pretty soft brush joints.


2) read the care tags 

 basically, sofa's come with care tags or certificate that specify the instructions on sofa cleaning. read the instructions carefully, because they will suggest the proper products to buy and correct use method. maybe your sofa has removable covers, you can able to zip them off and either machine-wash or dry-clean them.

3) cleaning stains

fabric sofa cleaning

 do you want to remove stains  from your fabric sofa, and not able to do a full cleaning? you can try a soft solution of heated water and dishwasher solvent (like vim liquid lemon) to deal a small stain. ensure to test it first on a hidden part of the sofa, pretty sure it doesn’t damage the fabric. apply the product softly with a clean, wet cloth – do not get the sofa too moist, and don't rub the stain because it is difficult to remove from a sofa. wash off the area by using another clean, damp cloth, and then let it air dry.  

4) fabric sofa cleaning

fabric sofa

 fabric sofas are different from other, so the cleaning methods may vary, though you should follow your sofa’s care instructions first. follow the instructions on the tag and first